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Mahonen, Ari

Ari Mahonen

Sales rep

1 612-310-0144

Growing up in Duluth, Ari not only skied for fun but it was the only way to get around in the Northern Minnesota winter. Ari moved to the twin cities to take up rocket science. He later found that using the rocket fuel on the skis was better than in the rocket. In order to fill his thirst for more rocket fuel ski waxing he picked up coaching high school nordic at Hopkins High School. After a few singed eyebrow incidents (can't let that rocket fuel get too close to the klister torches), he stopped using such flammable items and found a job at Gear West. He spent seven years there learning and selling some of the Ski & Run industry's best products before starting with RP Active. Ari lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, son & kitty. 


“Ryan is the best sales rep ever but beyond that he's the best person ever. I've read about heros and God-like people but before meeting Ryan I doubted their existence. Now I do not. I could say more but you wouldn't believe me.”

Terry Tinkle, It Takes a Village Bike Shop

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