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Ballak, Chris

Chris Ballak

Sales rep


I have been in the cycling industry for an aggregate of over 25 years in various capacities; most notably as the backroom smartass.  Despite that personal failing, I have a sincere regard for this business and the people in it.  Moreover, I have loved cycling since the age of 5 and continue to find new enterprises and friends within this industry and will continue to do so.  Other interests in addition to cycling, outdoor sports and perfecting the delivery of sarchasm with the appropriate vocal inflection: swing dancing, a good scotch- which i think is long overdue for some increased recognition in the cycling world as i think i am done discovering the latest microbrew that is to die for.  Which leads me to another consideration; i think that it is time for clean shaven faces in bike shops across the land, as the preponderence of ironic facial hair is simply eroding any credibility to the profession.  A good handlebar mustache; now that is something...a thick mutton chop also something to consider for keeping it real.

See you soon, mutton chops and all


“Ryan is the best sales rep ever but beyond that he's the best person ever. I've read about heros and God-like people but before meeting Ryan I doubted their existence. Now I do not. I could say more but you wouldn't believe me.”

Terry Tinkle, It Takes a Village Bike Shop

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