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Harber, Tom

Tom Harber

Sales rep


Husband, father of 2 great kids, dog and cat owner, outside sales rep for RP Active Sports since 2006.  Founder (and only member) of the Drew Pearson really did push off in 1975 fan club.  Still can’t get it out of my mind.  I have been involved in the cycling/outdoor sports industry in many capacities since about 1989.  From bicycle assembler, to store owner, to sales rep for many great companies over the years, and finally landing with RP Active Sports.  

My talents are not really limited to just the cycling business.  I was a proud member of the 1979 Austin Youth YMCA soccer city champion team.  A true dynasty.  Still being talked about over coffee at many Austin, MN greasy spoons and at truck stops throughout southern MN.  Also was 3 time collegiate staring contest champ (1987, 1988, and 1990).  We won’t talk about what happened in 1989.

When not slinging the best cycling and outdoor gear on earth, you can find me chasing my kids all over the state for various dance and hockey events.  Live music has been a huge influence on me as well, along with my massive “Love metal” collection. Trevor Litten:  My offer still stands to buy that Stryper poster off your bedroom wall.  Name your price.


“I've been dealing with RP Active Sports over the past 15 years. In that time the realationship has grown from business to friendship. We sell bikes which is fun...dealing with RP is fun. I only wish Peter stopped by with Tom sometimes. I miss his "colorful" language!”

Ben Doom, Revolution Cycle and Ski

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