RP Reps

Riggs, Dave

Dave Riggs

Sales Rep


Ambitions: to win a sales contest that sends me to the Tour de France
Turn-Ons: carbon fiber, lycra, and titanium
Turn-Offs: mdot tattoos and five finger shoes

From the age of 8 I've been in love with bicycles and the community around them. After quickly figuring out that being the next Greg Lemond or Dave Scott wasn't in the cards I went off to school. Since college I've worked in the industry as a shop employee, warranty tech rep at Raleigh (during the golden age of technium) and I've been on the road as an outside rep for the last 16 years.
As a husband and father of two I stay busy attending my kids swim meets and still try to ride, run and swim on occasion. I’m chasing the sometimes contradictory dream of working in the industry I love and sending two kids to college.


“I've been dealing with RP Active Sports over the past 15 years. In that time the realationship has grown from business to friendship. We sell bikes which is fun...dealing with RP is fun. I only wish Peter stopped by with Tom sometimes. I miss his "colorful" language!”

Ben Doom, Revolution Cycle and Ski

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