RP Reps

Riggs, Dave

Dave Riggs

Sales Rep


Ambitions: to win a sales contest that sends me to the Tour de France
Turn-Ons: carbon fiber, lycra, and titanium
Turn-Offs: mdot tattoos and five finger shoes

From the age of 8 I've been in love with bicycles and the community around them. After quickly figuring out that being the next Greg Lemond or Dave Scott wasn't in the cards I went off to school. Since college I've worked in the industry as a shop employee, warranty tech rep at Raleigh (during the golden age of technium) and I've been on the road as an outside rep for the last 16 years.
As a husband and father of two I stay busy attending my kids swim meets and still try to ride, run and swim on occasion. I’m chasing the sometimes contradictory dream of working in the industry I love and sending two kids to college.


“Ryan is the best sales rep ever but beyond that he's the best person ever. I've read about heros and God-like people but before meeting Ryan I doubted their existence. Now I do not. I could say more but you wouldn't believe me.”

Terry Tinkle, It Takes a Village Bike Shop

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