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Leugers, Peter

Peter Leugers



After my failure as a youth hand model, I was able to finish my schooling and start my pinball style of career building.  Cincinnati was not known for their circus so clown school was out.  Chef, no.  Landscaper, short lived due to allergies, that was out.  Then it dawned on me, bicycles.  Really?  Retail for a stint in my hometown and then the lure of Mary Tyler Moore’s hometown was just to strong.  Real winter, pond hockey, Nordic skiing and a vibrant outdoor lifestyle was what I found and have been in Minneapolis since 1988.  RP Activesports was born.  4 yards and a cloud of camel dust got us to where we are now.   My wife, Lauren and our 2 girls, Gillian and Flynn live quietly off the grid in South Minneapolis waiting for our next time to ice fish, with a good bottle of French chardonnay.  


“I've been dealing with RP Active Sports over the past 15 years. In that time the realationship has grown from business to friendship. We sell bikes which is fun...dealing with RP is fun. I only wish Peter stopped by with Tom sometimes. I miss his "colorful" language!”

Ben Doom, Revolution Cycle and Ski

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