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Litten, Trevor

Trevor Litten

Sales rep


With over 30 years in the bicycle business I started my career as a kid ridding his bicycle all over the deserts of Arizona. After my first BMX race at Road Runner park in Phoenix, Az. I was hooked for life. Moving back to the midwest my love for the bike and soon the business landed me a job in a bike shop as that kid that wouldn't go away. After my overwhelming power of persuasion RP could not help but to hire me. Not to mention we really needed someone that had a gate fold shot in BMX  magazine, clothes on of course.   Bicycle racing and the bicycle business has taken me to some really great places in this world. The love for the bike and the sport is always on the forefront of my thoughts as a fan of cycling. The bicycle business is never a dull moment much like the sport itself and that is what keeps me in it for life. When I am not riding my bike, I am on cigarette boat on Lake of the Ozarks in my white Speedo.  Trevor


“Ryan is the best sales rep ever but beyond that he's the best person ever. I've read about heros and God-like people but before meeting Ryan I doubted their existence. Now I do not. I could say more but you wouldn't believe me.”

Terry Tinkle, It Takes a Village Bike Shop

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